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Grace Collection


The Grace Collection is filled with angels who remind us that in spite of our pain, our fears, and hardships, we are blessed.

Grace (Rochester, New York) was discovered during a time of questioning if I had been forgotten by God; in fact, it was I who had forgotten my true nature. Grace’s message is to take time to appreciate the grace that we hold in the palm of our hand. Adam (Kerrville, Texas) tells us to keep our soul open to God’s grace. Katrina, Caleb (Fredericksburg, Texas) and Tucker (Llano, Texas) comfort us in times of sorrow as we journey through the challenges of life. Soul Mates (Boerne, Texas)  give us hope that we might fly again one day, especially with the help of those who love us just the way we are. Finally, Magdelena (Fredericksburg, Texas) reminds us to take time to ponder beauty, life, and the numerous wonders that grace our lives.