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Hope Collection


The angels in the Hope Collection remind us that where there is hope, there is life. When I started searching for angels to include in this collection, two friends and I embarked on the “Hope Angel Tour” and drove to the tiny town of New Hope, Texas. The morning we arrived, it was dreary and cold with a light mist falling. We had almost given up hope of finding an angel to photograph, when we finally spotted Everett. Although hope may be elusive during the dark times of our lives, it is always there, patiently waiting for us. Elijah (Rochester, New York) inspired me with his upward gaze and reminds us that we are more precious than the stars in the sky. Freeman (Bastrop, Texas) honors our veterans and is the first note card in my “Hope for Heroes” series. The name Nadia (Fredericksburg, Texas) means “hope” and is fittingly names for a friend whose wisdom and encouragement has given new hope to many people, including me. Brighton (Fredericksburg, Texas) helps us remember that after times of deep sorrow, the sun will shine upon us once again. Kendall (Kilgore, Texas) means “from the bright valley”. Hope has the power to uplift us! Finally, the angel, Hope (Calf Creek, Texas) is the essence of this collection. Hope is ALWAYS available to us. We only need to allow it to perch inside our soul.