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Follow Your Angel Inspirational Photography & Gifts



Pam said:

What a privelege to watch you in action last week! The care and attention to detail that you devote to this is inspiring. Thank you for being one of the special angels who surround me, Sister!

Susan said:

My dear Melodie. It was my pleasure to meet you, listen and enjoy your angels. It is an elements of this universe to allow people to take those roads that awaken new directions. Being part of The Angel Museum in Beloit is truly one of those remarkable stops in the road. I look forward to a wonderful working friendship with you and your remarkable angels.

Jamie said:

Mel- I am so impressed and it was so nice to chat the other night. What a fast track to heaven you have taken the last 2 years! good on you! let’s chat soon sistah! hugs to you, jamie your site is beautiful!

Sheridan said:

My dear Melodie, I am very late in responding with my thanks for the beautiful angel card and nice letter that you sent. As always, whatever you touch, turns out wonderful. My granddaughter is getting baptized tomorrow, and I wanted a special card for her; I have been saving yours for this perfect time. All my love, Sheridan

Jannine Osborne said:

Melodie- Love your new website and all the new angels! Can’t wait to recieve my new canvas prints for my living room! Keep up the great work and I will see you at the Rochester NY show.

Monica Griffin said:

Dear Melodie, I am one lucky girl to have your angels displayed in our gallery. I am thrilled that six have sold! And can’t wait to see what happens with the rest of the month. Blessings to you, my friend. Love you, Monica

Augusto said:

Great arts and great website! Greetings from Italy… 🙂

Jo Monday said:

Melodie- I have believed in the presence of angels for years. This year I will give them to some of my “angel” sisters. Thank you for sharing your angels. jo

Laurel said:

Melodie, these are not only beautiful, but inspirational. I’ve only looked at the cards so far, but now I have to take more time and explore your site. Thank you.

Gerianne Hummel said:

Dear Melodie! Thank you for these gifts – these messages and images! Your work truly reflects your elegant spirit! Wonderful to meet you in Phoenix 🙂

Bonnie said:

Your blog is so thought provoking my friend! No matter what you write I can connect it to my life and gain a bit of wisdom. You are amazing Melly dear! 🙂

Kris Neff said:

Mel, so wonderful to reconnect after so many years. I have joined your site and rushed to order some of your inspirational cards/bookmarks. Peace.

Mattie said:

Melodie, Thank you for sharing this gift! I love my bookmarks!

Miriah said:

Stunning. So grateful to have met you and be introduced to your work.

Laura said:

Melodie, thank you for the bookmark that has brought me to your website. This morning on the way to work I said to the universe that I knew there was something more I should be doing in life that I can feel it inside of me trying to find its place, my place. I don’t know why, but when I got to work, I glanced over and saw your bookmark. I decided to go to the website, not knowing what it was all about. Wow. The universe will always answer when you ask the right question. Your website has provided me the inspiration to “Just do it”, whatever IT is. I have the faith that IT will find me and we will do great things together. : )