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Follow Your Angel Inspirational Photography & Gifts


Meliora Collection


“Meliora” means “for the pursuit of the better.”
I discovered this unique word at a time when I was in the midst of changing my life’s path. I found the angel I now call Meliora in Rochester, New York.  Angel Blue (Brady, Texas) presented herself to me during a time of great sadness. She reminds us that it is necessary to grieve our losses fully. Gold Wing (Sisterdale, Texas) was part of the continuing journey for a better life and is a reminder of the wonderful gifts that God has provided. Gloria (Boerne, Texas) is named after one of my dearest friends, and I hope she reminds you of those friends who have been with you during both the good times and the bad. Assisi (Johnson City, Texas) encourages our connection to nature and all of God’s creatures. Morpheus, the dreamer, encourages us all to follow our dreams. Finally, the message from Bird Whisperer (Fredericksburg, Texas) is simple– listen carefully to your heart and to your soul. They will guide you in your pursuit of the better.